Saturday, April 4, 2009


World's most inspiring internship: over.

Why was I not more sad about walking away today? I didn't even look back, or take an extra lap around the atrium to soak in the culture one last time. No tears dancing in the duct of my eye. Usually my right eye gives at least a little at significant transitions like this. Dried up, like my bank account.
The happiness and gratitude for this opportunity overshadowed any need to cling to the days past. I've said before that I'm good at goodbyes, and all too used to them, really. So I didn't even bother making many this time around. Either they will notice I am gone, or they will not. And I can't change either one. But I certainly will notice that I am no longer there. And as I ready to move out of my apartment and back to the city, having turned in my security card, signed off my computer one final time, and tucked each thank-you note into its recipient's mailbox, I understand that this transition—which on paper is the most significant of my days—is entirely physical. 

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