Sunday, August 31, 2008


Looking heavy into overseas stuff-- temp work. I need to explore the world more. London looks increasingly ideal. Expensive, but I'd be getting paid on the pound. I'm not ready to get into a career yet, and I almost want to treat myself to an adventure for graduating a semester early. I am not finishing early to start the rest of my life. I'm finishing early because I have the credits and it seems silly to pay for classes that I don't need. I missed a lot of things in Europe. I'd like to see more.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A year after Telluride...

Enjoying Lawrence. Way more than I expected to enjoy it. I got a job (not working for another week-ish), am living carefree, exercising daily, have the easiest class schedule ever (Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-345), and am basking in life's awesomeness. Taking a break from screenplays for a bit, because I deserve to milk this last semester.

Right now I'm contemplating next semester a lot. I really want to look at something international. I'm not concerned about making money, but moreso about breaking even. I can't lose money over the 6 months following graduation, and I absolutely have to do something exciting and new.

Telluride FIlm Fest is tomorrow. At least that's when the symposium kids show up. I am real depressed not to be there this year; looking back at this whole last year, of all the places I traveled and all the "bests" of my life that occurred... I still think that the week in Telluride was the best of them all. THe single best experience, and the most definitive. I'll be following religiously to scope out the films they're showing and the coverage the fest receives. My heart is in the mountains.

Sorry it's been almost a month. Sorry that's likely the pattern now.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The inevitable arrival of August the Third

This day had to come. August 3 has been hunting me for months; I knew it as the day that would bring normalcy back to my life—unwelcome normalcy.
But I suppose it's needed normalcy, too. I've been on this roller coaster high for all of 2008, and it's time to seal the deal back in Kansas and sniff out new opportunities.
This final week has been stellar and perfect. I had two buddies from school drive out here—yes, drive— and they crashed for a week. I originally thought "One week? We'll run out of things to do." But no. They rested up after an early Sunday arrival and immediately thereafter we found ourselves in Berkeley, walking past tree sitters and pot clouds to see James Taylor. James Taylor! What a perfect soundtrack to my last week. His songs are so perceptive and insightful; it was the best medicine for my last hurrah.
And so, while I worked the next three days, they did personal things and typical San Fran sights, and we collaborated after work for various city cultures. I think I ate every type of Asian cuisine this week, all delicious, and the guys certainly got an accurate taste of the local offerings.
Wine country was a highlight also. I forgot to mention that my friend Ashley from school also was in town; while her host went to work, the 4 of us ventured north on Thursday into Sonoma and hopped from one vineyard to the next. I've got a new appreciation for wines, even after being in Italy and France. These were the best I've tried, no doubt.
And just like that, the guys were off yesterday. Not before a KU gathering at our house on Wednesday, or before hitting the Mission nightlife with an old high school friend from Stanford and a new San Fran friend just moved in from Harvard. We were a random group, 3 guys, 2 girls, from various corners of the map, consuming the night away and having contests for hitting on people in the bars.

The past two weeks have been hard for goodbyes. Just like it was hard to leave Paris or Florence behind, it is more difficult to put this behind. I keep thinking to myself—as friendly faces turn the other way and disappear—is that the last I'll see him or her? Along those lines, I have tried savoring every bit of this summer in final tones. I've given my peace to the rats, to beautiful River (the 22-month old adorable chatterbox downstairs), the panoramic scene from the roof, friends from work, both employers, and soon, this house, this street, this town. The kids and uncle Mike have been gone for nearly 2 weeks on a cross-country trip, and it was harder for me than for the little ones to say goodbye. To them I was a summer visitor who popped upstairs for a meal each night. But I saw them differently, almost putting myself in their parents' shoes and trying to envision a similar life.
This family has made the biggest difference in my life at a point where a difference was needed... my Aunt Amy is a queen. She is so regal, the most selfless woman there was, and I see myself in her so much in terms of ethics, humor, and character. She is certainly my mother's sister, and her parents' daughter. Amy was the hardest, most brief goodbye. After our "Last Supper" (in which Amy artfully explained how to eat grilled artichokes), a taxi collected her things, and whisked her away for her trip to meet the family in New England. A single "thank you" escaped me as she climbed into the taxi, but what other words could I have said?

It's been a quiet last day. Packing, cleaning, checking off my to-do list. Had lunch with work friends. Work's last week was a hectic story also. Without elaborating on private matters, I learned a helluva lot about the real world in a matter of 5 days, and will remember it differently than the rest of my time spent at the internship. I'm excited, however, to see how the company develops in the next year, as I suspect big things from those hardworking people. The film internship ended strong, and I am grateful for the friends and insight that the job offered.
Oh, I got a new computer and iPod. They're awaiting me back home. And my camera died yesterday. Hopefully my car or some other gadget doesn't follow suit. But I'm really just sitting around until my flight, quietly reflecting on this past summer, looking forward to a week at home, and then discovering how things will take shape back at school.
And in five months, I'll be at an entirely different crossroad. Oy.