Saturday, November 29, 2008

Unintentional Chazz Palminteri Night

It seems like I could watch any set of films from one single era, and could tie them together by an actor, director, best boy, someone. It's like playing "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon", one of my favorite brain games.

Well, last night I opted to swim through both of my Netflixed movies, Bullets Over Broadway and The Usual Suspects, both starring Chazz Palminteri. I can't connect his roles as well as I did with Brad Pitt last weekend, but in the former Chazz played a creative mafioso, stifling even his friends who blunted his art. In the latter, Palminteri is a detective hoping to blunt a megakiller named Keyser Söze, and in his way is a rather artful criminal who just posted.

Chazz Palminteri. Hmm. Not someone I thought I'd be watching twice in the same evening, but he does stellar work. He got an Oscar nod in Woody Allen's Bullets..., but was overshadowed by the brilliant Dianne Wiest and Jennifer Tilly (I love love love Wiest but think Tilly deserved the statuette).

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Unintentional Brad Pitt Weekend

Coming home this weekend meant a few things:
1. Since I am working all Thanksgiving break, pure relaxation was in order.
2. Catch up on movies. I'm always catching up on movies.
3. No homework. School is pointless anymore.

My sister sent me off with two of her favorite films, A River Runs Through It and Legends of the Fall. When out with my mom the other day, she decided to buy Sleepers. And suddenly, I was devoting 6 hours of my weekend to Brad Pitt circa 1992, 1995, and 1996 respectively.

There were three variations of how Brad must have looked as a child. The first two films both feature Pitt in Montana around WWI, and he grows into a rebel in each, breaking hearts and hurting himself and those he loves, while also showing an affinity toward Native American women. The third film is him growing up in Hell's Kitchen in the 60s and 70s, only to become a mischevous lawyer bent on freeing his friends from an avenging crime.

I feel like a casting agent, scouting this "Mr. Pitt" for his potential, as if I had never heard of him or seen his works. I feel a bit overwhelmed to be honest, and will have to take a Pittcation until I get to see him grown down in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. That's going to be stellar, I just know it. Fincher & Roth. Blanchett, Henson, Swinton, Ormond, Pitt? Oy oy!

After this weekend, however, I do admit finding a new appreciation for Mr. Tabloid Fodder, who once attended Mizzou (gross). He's a damn fine actor. In my head I thought "Redford inherited the reigns from Newman, and he is clearly wanting to pass them to Pitt." Pitt is certainly worthy of the reigns, and of Angelina's lips. I always root for the veteran actors at the Oscars, the ones who haven't yet won. Assuming Pitt's name is on the shortlist, I'll probably be gunning for him this year (Or DiCaprio, Rourke, and most certainly Winslet). He's an icon, and I'm willing to embrace that. Even if he went to Mizzou.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Addiction #1

Maybe it's because I'm facing the one true week of schoolwork this semester, but now that I am in a consistent workout routine (goodbye, 15+ pounds!) and feeling the best mentally and physically I have ever felt, it sure sucks when I get too busy to fit an hour of exercise into my day.

Fortunately this weekend it was because I was running around at work, expending 17 hours on my feet in two days. But I came home this afternoon and crashed into my bed for nearly five more hours because my mind couldn't keep up with my body. Here it is dark so I cannot run outside, and the time remaining to hit the rec center is down to two hours. Instead, I'm laying out dozens of pages in my workbook for campaigns class, putting off a paper for ethics class due Tuesday, and already deciding on skipping psychology class first thing come Tuesday. Wednesday is a 6:30 a.m. shift at work and then a 6-hour drive home in the dark.

I just want free time, warm weather, and more daylight. I just want to run around this town, igniting my brain and body with the addictive simultaneous pain and pleasure that is exercise. I feel horribly worthless without that stimulation.

Time for coffee, I reckon. Addiction #2.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Back at the Movies

Last night was brilliant. Double feature at the theater... something I have never actually done before. And yes, we paid for both films. It is Oscar season, beautiful people.

I would very much be pleased if Anne Hathaway won Best Actress for Rachel Getting Married. This is the real breakout her career needed, and a couple years overdue.

And Quantum of Solace was good. Not great (!!!) like Casino Royale, but stunning and pulsating and quite a ride nonetheless. I was happy that the drunk guy behind us puked on the guys next to me rather than on me. Well, I wasn't happy he puked on the guys next to me, but relieved that no quantum of bile found its way onto my shoulder.


If you're driving down the street and need to make a left hand turn, do you check to see if a pedestrian is about to enter the crosswalk? Let's say hypothetically this pedestrian is a runner, and he or she is running the same direction in which you are driving prior to your desired turn; for this, they cannot see you because they are not facing you. Furthermore, if said left hand turn is at an intersection where oncoming traffic has a stop sign and the pedestrian runner assumes safety in crossing the street (as the previous 10,000,000 streets crossed also had proven safe), then would you honk at said pedestrian when you screech to a halt from nearly running him or her over with your Dodge Ram?

No, you wouldn't honk at the pedestrian for something that was entirely your fault. That would make you a completely selfish idiot.

Ladies, gentlemen: there are some completely selfish idiots on the road. They make it a scary world, and I am happy to be alive.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Title Today

What would the title of your movie be, if it were about this exact day?

Mine would be: Rise of the Pork Tacos: All Orifices Beware

No, perverts, not like that. I'm sick, sick, sick. I'm missing the busiest shift at work and losing a good $150 minimum to instead lay fetalized on my bed or pray to the potty.

Sounds like the perfect time to watch Out of Africa, a film I own but have not seen. I've been great at catching up on films lately that are necessary for my credibility. Example, example, example.

Oh, and yesterday was my one-year blogoversary. I'll have my cake, but I sure can't eat it today.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I am actually attempting the V-neck thing

What I once knocked, I am trying. Hm hm!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Monday: Got a phone call, got an interview for the best possible thing ever (Bay area!).

Tuesday: Said interview took place. I feel pretty good I guess. Need to wait a couple weeks. Also, I witnessed this (read the message board!).

Wednesday: Someone broke into my car overnight, but stole nothing. Lesson: Don't keep anything of value in your car. Boxes and mix CDs aren't of value.

Thursday: On my run, I leaped over some metal construction rods and fell into a 3-foot-deep pothole on the other side. It all happened so fast, but I was able to get up and laugh uproariously to the sound of honking cars.

Tonight: Gonna go see Wall-E at the Union, hopefully for some good karma.

This week rules.

Monday, November 3, 2008

How can a 22 year old be sick of college life?

Maybe a metaphor will help. Maybe not.

Today I served a party of six at work. These folks were very nice, very sweet, very charming. Four of the guests had iced teas, and it was the third time I was refilling their glasses when I asked one man to hand me his glass, as it was out of my reach.

"Sir, can I steal that glass from you?"

He paused, his hand hovering an inch from his glass, contemplating something. I thought he was joking with me, so I chuckled.

"Ehh, no. I would prefer a new glass, but I will hang on to this one as well."

No explanation was needed. If his preference is a new glass, my preference is to do so and make him happy. However, the other three people with iced teas looked up from their plates.

"I'll take one too."

"Yes, me as well."

"And me, please."

I smiled, while quickly scanning their glasses, all of which I had topped off with fresh, crisp, icy tea. Nothing seemed the matter.

"Of course, four iced teas coming up."

Reiteration, these people were terrific. But as I filled new glasses, thankful for not having a busy section, I wondered why one man's thought process and upgrade suddenly changed the minds of the until-then-wholly-satisfied bunch.

Why do people think like sheep?

Why does everyone around me seem to operate on "Classes. Parties. Tailgate. Binge."? And why am I so annoyed that other people find pleasure in this? How selfish.