Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thru Now, Thru All

Brief updates:

  • Have been blogging (intermittenly) at
  • Substitute teaching... in Sioux Falls. New York lasted just shy of a month. Reality hit hard and I knew that I had to head back to South Dakota. Home is nice, but with a degree, home is suffocating. The upside is having Mom, Dad, and the boys around. The downside is feeling worthless most often. Teaching is a riot, though. I spend my days with elementary kids usually. Not one dull moment. Not one.
  • I am running a good hour a day, while the weather allows. My nipples were chafing today! I am so ecstatic! I feel like a genuine runner.
  • Just got the saddest phone call I have fielded. A family friend called to say her husband passed just this evening. I-- can't even fathon that. What words can console a new widow? Her pain dwarfs all other. There are so many glorious and painful life moments we must experience. Ebb and flow. Some small, some enormous. It happens, then it seemingly ceases to happen, but ne'er does it actually stop.
  • Hang in there, self. Hang in there, everyone. The holidays are inching toward us. All's well in the snowy cheer. I do love home at the holidays. I love everything at the holidays. Even suffocation.